Use the controls below to customize your own 3D printable toad percussion instrument.

You can modify the type of bumps (choose between two types of triangles, or squares). Once you are happy with you results, press the "Gimme my Toad!" button to download your toad's custom spine.

Enjoy your toad, and please post your custom toad to Thingiverse!


Making Your Toad

The big blue button will give you the custom spine for your toad, but you'll need to print out a few more parts to make the whole thing!

Right-click and choose Save Link As on the pictures below to get the files.

You will need a 3D printer, such as a MakerBot to build your toad.

Make One Each of These:

Make Six (6) of These:

(Optional) Add a Tail?

Your Toad

Other People's Toads

Want to see your toad here?

Just upload a picture to Flickr and tag it toadinator!

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